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Did you feel the strong quake? Base your response on a measurement.

Posted by Sentinel on 23/09/22 3:33 PM | 1 minute read

A widely felt earthquake impacted central areas of the country last night. Sentinel notified subscribers of shaking at their subscribed location, immediately identifying if the level of measured shaking was significant, and what to do next. 


Shaking across the Wellington region ranged up to a Modified Mercalli intensity scale (MMI) of "Light", and in the Nelson Marlborough Region reaching slightly higher, "Moderate". GeoNet classifying the earthquake source of the shaking with a magnitude of 5.8, depth of 51km, strong shaking, and location near French Pass. Sentinel published situation-awareness data to Users of the free version of the Sentinel App, as illustrated above for the Wellington region and below for Nelson Marlborough. (Images shown are from the Desktop Browser version of Latest Earthquake data at  Subscribed building owners and facilities teams, local/national government and emergency responders received precise data about their location of interest - comparing the measurement with building criteria to instantly advise on next steps.  


The event and associated media around it highlights the variability of experiences and preparedness across NZ. If you're interested in basing your response on data, please get in touch.

Topics: Earthquake Preparation, Structural Health Monitoring, Structural Monitoring Systems

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